Monday, August 12, 2013

Cast This

Cast This
A couple big reveals this past couple weeks. Lets get to them

Lex Luthor for the Batman/Superman movie
It looks like Batman will not be the only new character in the upcoming Superman movie. It has been announced and confirmed by many sources, that Lex Luthor will show up in the next Superman film. While development for this film is still small, it has been confirmed by many sources that both Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong are being eyed for the role. 

My two cents, both actors are incredible. It would be in the right hands no matter which actor they hired. With that said, I am leaning more towards Cranston. Strong brought Sinestro to live in "Green Lantern," without a doubt, the best part of that movie. If they ever rebooted the GL series, it would be a crime NOT to hire Strong again for Sinestro. Cranston has proven over the years that he has supreme talent of his craft. If you have been watching "Breaking Bad" on TV, you also know that Cranston can be...bad. I would love him for the part, but I would love Strong too, I just think Strong might be a little too safe.

So what is Diesel doing for Marvel...

Looks like Old Vinnie may have tried to throw people off his scent. I think it might have worked. After reading Vin Diesel's Facebook and Twitter after his meeting with Marvel, many fans had no doubt that the actor would play Vision. However, there is talk that his play on words may have been wrong. It sounds like he maybe the voice of Groot for the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" next year.

I am just glad he isn't doing the voice for Rocket Racoon, Groot will compliment his voice much better. This is still not fully confirmed, but I would be down with it.


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