Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cast This

Cast This
Besides "Avengers: Age of Ultron," the other big Comic-Con panel I can't stop thinking about is the proposed Batman/Superman movie by Zack Snyder. I loved "Man of Steel," and I think this is a great idea, but are we ready? Is it too soon for a Batman/Superman movie? I feel there is quite a bit to still explore about the MoS universe before we even think about introducing Batman, but oh well. After many years, this is happening. Snyder has all the tools to surprise, so I will go into the theater in 2015 with an open heart and mind.

Today, Hollywood Reporter published a short-list of actors that Warner Bros. is seriously considering for the Batman role for 2015. They began with this quote:

 “But the real insight is the kind of Bruce Wayne/Batman that Snyder is looking to cast. According to numerous sources, this Wayne/Batman will be in the late 30s or around the 40 mark. He will be established and rugged. This new movie will not seek to recount an origin story or the rise of the Dark Knight. Sources say the new movie is aiming for the tone of the relationship and fight seen in Frank Miller’s 1980s ground-breaking mini-series The Dark Knight Returns.”

Hmmm...I suppose Snyder actually considering bringing this story pretty close to Miller's original work. And again, I am not sure that exactly the version of this story general audiences will be expecting. Will the public buy a ticket to this? More than likely. Its Superman and Batman, that is all you need to get butts in seats. But will it be a worthwhile experience that people will remember for the right reasons? That has yet to be discovered.

Here are the actors for their short list:
Josh Brolin

Ryan Gosling

Joe Manganiello

Richard Armitage

Max Martini

Matthew Goode

Gerald Butler

My Reaction:
If you remember a couple weeks ago, I made my own list of actors whom I feel could play Batman. I must say it tickles me that Warner Bros. agrees to a degree. I love that they are considering Richard Armitage and especially Ryan Gosling, as Gosling took my top spot on my list. If he ends up getting the role, I may cry. I also got to show love that Brolin has made the list. If I had a number eleven spot on my dream list, Brolin would have took. In fact, two years ago my girlfriend asked me who I would like to see play Batman and at the time I told her Brolin. He's got a mold which I feel could fit both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Joe Manganiello has the physic and the look, but I am not sure if he has the total acting chops to become all things Batman and Bruce Wayne, but hey anybody can surprise right? Max Martini is an actor I only know from his brief role in "Saving Private Ryan." He is very much unknown material. But is that exactly what the series needs? An unknown, out-of-left-field casting?

The choices I am not that keen on are Goode and Butler. Goode was already in "Watchmen" so I feel that will be the big thing everyone will focus upon. Even so, Goode is also a little too babyfaced for the role. Look at the picture above and try to tell me you wouldn't giggle at him wearing a batsuit. Maybe just a little? Butler definitely has a Bruce Wayne look, but I don't know if his overall filmography would be distracting to viewers. Plus, the actor had a great run in 300, but the rest of his career really hasn't taken off yet, will that play a factor? He's a charming guy, an actor I like, I just don't think he's got the stones for the Caped Crusader.

Overall, an interesting list. But lets not forget. A rumored list means nothing. If you look at the Nolan Batman films, Iron Man, Captain America and recently with Guardians of the Galaxy, studios have their sites on one actor or actors then somebody they didn't rumor gets the part. So take all of this with a grain of salt. Based upon the past, it is highly unlikely that any of these actors will get the role, but I have been wrong and surprised before. Let's just wait and see.


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