Monday, August 26, 2013

Bryan Cranston is Lex Luthor for "Man of Steel" sequel

Bryan Cranston will be Lex Luthor?
Whether you love it or hate it, Ben Affleck will be Batman in the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" film coming in 2015. It's done. There is no going back now. The casting has many passionate dissenters, and seemingly just as many defenders. I personally wouldn't argue against someone who was upset by that casting choice.

However, I will defend to the death the actor they chose for Lex Luthor.

I have found on multiple websites today that Cranston has been chosen to play the supervillain for the upcoming sequel in 2015. If it is completely confirmed, then Affleck-haters, consider the movie saved. Cranston is a great actor, a guy who I have said before would be great for the part. I am so glad he got it, seems almost unreal.

If you are unfamiliar with Cranston's work, get on your Netflix account and watch all the available seasons of "Breaking Bad," that's basically the ultimate audition for Lex Luthor. I am more than sure that Cranston's Lex Luthor won't just be a Walt-rehash. I bet he will have something genuine and new up his sleeve and I can't wait to see it. 

And there is talk that Cranston may play Lex Luthor in 6-10 movies?? Yep, I'll be there!

I'm sorry Gene Hackman, I'm sorry Kevin Spacey. Get ready to be blown out of the water.


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