Friday, August 2, 2013

Age of Dinosaurs Review

Age of Dinosaurs Review
Reading the title of the movie, you get exactly what get from it. This is a movie about dinosaurs that attack the city of Los Angeles, and the characters that are around when that happens. Right down to the special effects, this is in the vine of "Sharktopus" or "Sharknado." A silly sci/fi film that you watch once just to say you saw it. I suppose their are a few scenes with charm, but this doesn't add up to anything except a low-budget "Jurassic Park."

It is definitely one of those movies that is so bad its good. As the movie begins, we learn that a biotech firm has created a breakthrough flesh-regeneration technology. After many failed experiments it finally works and the firm brings dinosaurs back to life. The firm creates a museum and on the museum's opening night, the dinosaurs breakout and kill a bunch of people. It really is that simple.

We follow a firefighter (Treat Williams) who takes his teenage daughter (Jillian Rose Reed) to the museum expo to try and reconnect with her. The mom is not in the picture anymore and father is really trying hard to connect with his daughter. And you would be able to bet that this disastrous situation brings them together. Besides some witty dialogue the movie is, as expected, very silly. The special effects are horrible, the acting is subtle and the execution is laughable. But perhaps that is why these movies are made in the first place. To show on Sci/Fi Channel late at night, on a weekend when nobody is home watching TV anyway. There are moments where the movie could have worked with some great action set pieces, but they are not fleshed out. I also laughed at the title being "Age of Dinosaurs" even though the whole dinosaur threat is wrapped up in one whole day. I would have loved to see an ending where the dinosaurs reigned for an undisclosed amount of years. However, no luck whatsoever.

I have always been of the opinion to not knock something until you have tried it. I am glad to say I tried this one out, just like I did with "Sharktopus" and perhaps" Sharknado" if the occasion ever calls for it. This is very much in the vein of so bad its good, and Williams and Reed at least do what they can to make the experience plausible. However it never breaks the "so bad its good" mold. Nothing about it is groundbreaking but if you like these types of movies, this will be for you.


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