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Weekly Top Ten- Ten Actors I Think Could Play Batman

Weekly Top Ten-#15

Ten Actors I Think Could Play Batman
At Comic-Con, "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder said the next Superman movie would revolve around Superman going head-to-head with Batman. Its an ambitious idea to tackle no doubt, but its been hoped for for years now. 2015 is going to kill us with kindness and I can't wait for it to finally get here.

So the big question is, who will play Batman? They have big shoes to fill after Bale did a damn fine job as the character for almost a decade. So who will go toe-to-toe with Henry Cavill in 2015? I have created a list of actors who I think would at least do the role justice. I'd select any of these actors in a heartbeat for the role, and I think WB should at the very least consider them. Let me know what you think.

10. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
I am not the type of fan to think that Batman doesn't have to be a certain age. The best part about the character is his timelessness. Some of the best Batman stories ever written (stories that included Superman as well) involved an older Batman. So at 42, I think Coster-Waldau has the acting chops, physique and charms necessary to pull of the character. Check him out in "Game of Thrones" if you disagree.

9. Richard Armitage
Okay, I get this probably wasn't the best picture in the world to post, simply because Amitage needs to shave. But the guy looks like Wayne, he's proven in "The Hobbit" that he can act, he's brooding yet charming at the same time. He has also proven with "The Hobbit" that he can do big-budget blockbusters completely unscathed. So why not consider him?

8. Luke Evans
He's got the look, he's got the talent, he's worked with Henry Cavil before and they've got wicked great chemistry on-screen together. Overall a fairly small career, Evans has proven big things and that he has real range. Not always easy to do for a first timer. I think Evans is the next big thing, and I think a job like playing Batman can prove it.

7. Garrett Hedlund
Here's a younger yet stellar actor, who after I saw perform in 2004's "Friday Night Lights," I knew he'd go to become a big star. He's done all sorts of movies, from big to small. He at least is somewhat open to superhero stuff, as he auditioned for Captain America back in 2010. He has also proven in a lot of his material that he can provide for every personality trait The Caped Crusader possesses.

6. Alexander Skarsgard
He's got a brooding look, he's got tons of talent. He's fairly well-known yet not big enough that he could not make a huge dent on screen. He hasn't come remotely close to doing anything in the superhero genre, but there is always a first time for everything, isn't there?

5. Liam McIntyre
Spartacus blew me away, and this was an actor who had mighty shoes to fill when he stepped up to Season 2 of the immensely popular Starz show, after the beloved Andy Whitfield died of cancer. He's got a commanding voice that just makes me giddy to imagine it behind a bat-mask. He's a television actor who desperately needs a big breakthrough, deservingly so. Plus:
Yep, that's Liam playing Arkham City for PS3, so I'm thinking he would be more than open to playing the role.

4. Josh Holloway
He proved how awesome he could be on "Lost," has quite the Wayne-esque personality. He's got the build and the look of the superhero. I just don't know if he's ever been challenged the way the character should challenge its actor. Bruce Wayne is a guy who witnessed the death of his parents. I never seen Holloway go that dark, could he?

3. Armie Hammer
Was originally cast as Batman in the 2007 Justice League movie that never got made. Hammer has proven with his budding career so far that he has range, "The Social Network" wasn't some fluke, the guy is capable of visual thunder. I think by playing Batman he is a star that is about to go supernova.

2. Karl Urban
I know he's a bit on the older side and he already has many franchises to his name, but there is no doubt that he could really make Batman and Bruce Wayne come alive. He has proven that he can be noble, cunning, smart, and very likable onscreen. No doubt he would rock the role if he ever agreed to do it.

1. Ryan Gosling
You would not understand the grief I've gotten just for mentioning Gosling as a worthy candidate. I suppose Gosling's harsh critics have never seen a single movie in his entire career. In "Crazy, Stupid Love" Gosling proved he could be a playboy yet charming, strong attributes of Bruce Wayne. And in the rest of his career; like "The Believer," "Drive," "The Ides of March," "Blue Valentine," and to a lesser degree, "Gangster Squad," he has proven to be angsty, brooding, grim, and gritty. The exact characteristics I'd chose to describe Batman. Many people tell me that Gosling is too big of a name for Batman. Honestly, that's not fair. Gosling has very recently hit the star bubble, but most of his career has been dedicated to the experimental and the independent. I think we are just beginning to see what this guy is capable of, and if he ever steps into the mainstream, I think he'll wow us like never before.

So that's my list, post yours!

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