Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hollywood Grapevine

Hollywood Grapevine
It's been a busy weekend for me. I went back to my hometown of Peoria, Illinois to celebrate my brothers 30th birthday as well as a early celebration of my Mom's 60th birthday. There was plenty of hours devoted to catching up with friends and family, eating great food, and drinking plenty of beer. It was a great weekend and I had fun.

Crazy too, because this weekend dropped a huge bomb of buzz around film!

San Diego Comic Con International was last week and I know what happened. I know you know what happened. But since I haven't had a chance to really geek out about it yet, please allow me too.

Superman/Batman Movie
If you have been reading this blog, you know how much hype is circling 2015 in film. The anticipation for that year is so high that talking about it is starting to get stale. "Man of Steel" director Zach Snyder made a surprise appearance at San Diego on Saturday. He and actor Henry Lennox dropped a huge spoiler for the second film in the "Man of Steel" franchise. The film will feature both Superman and Batman!!!!!

Finally, the big idea Warner Brothers has been flirting with is on its way. Henry Cavill is going to reprise Superman, no word on who will play Batman. It is definitely certain that there will be no Christian Bale as Batman in the sequel. As much as I am a Marvel freak, this film has the potential to be the biggest moneymaker, we will just have to wait and see. With Avengers 2, Star Wars VII, Jurassic Park 4, Independence Day 2, Avatar 2, and now this, 2015 could be a crazy geek year for movies.

In speaking of Avengers....

Avengers 2 title revealed.
The official title of Avengers 2 was announced at Comic Con this weekend. The title will be "Avengers: Age of Ultron." Ultron is a robot supervillain who was invented by Henry Pym (Ant Man.) The robot decided it could do whatever it wanted and decided to plot against its creator, superheroes and the world in general.

While I am still wildly excited for the sequel, it does raise some eyebrows. First of all, what about the post-credit scene from the first "Avengers" movie? Are we still going to get Thanos in this sequel, if not when? Why did you tease the most deadly supervillain in the Marvel universe just to hold off on him? Second of all, it has been confirmed by Marvel Studios that we will not get an Ant-Man movie until MCU Phase Three. And since Ant-Man invented Ultron, how will Ultron be introduced?

2015 is still long ways off, so it will be interesting to see how this all develops. Plus, will Vin Diesel be Ultron? I guess we'll see.

New Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer
I loved the first Hunger Games movie and I loved the initial teaser trailer. This new trailer is a lot cooler due to the fact the we get our first glimpse of the Quarter Quell, we look at the tributes, and we see a compelling story starting to take shape. If you're not excited for this November, I don't know how you can live. Check it out.

Man, this is turning into a great series, and I hope this sequel is full of as much power at its predecessor was. 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes image
Yep, that's Ceasar looking older but meaner than ever in the upcoming sequel to "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." One of the biggest surprises of 2011 was "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." I expected the film to topple and fall, but it did the exact opposite. It was a great movie, and a great way to invigorate a timid franchise. Based on this image, I can't wait to see what happens next. The film will be released on May 2014.

Godzilla Reboot Comic-Con Footage Description
A reboot of the Godzilla franchise is on the way. And a panel of the movie was presented to viewers at Comic Con this year. I have had a love/hate relationship with Godzilla. I have not watched the old Japanese films in a long time, and I have no idea how they would hold up today. I hated the 1998 American version. But I do wonder about this new direction. Simply because I like Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Watanabe. Here is a description of the trailer. It definitely sounds cool. This reboot opens May 24th 2014.

"The trailer’s first half is essentially made up of a lot of military/scientific imagery: army men, people in hazmat suits, soldiers surveying a scene of carnage, a gigantic missile being transported on a locomotive, etc. There is no dialogue, and all of the shots last a few seconds, tops. It actually kind of looks like a big-budget version of Edwards first movie, MONSTERS. - We glimpse Cranston running down a hallway, David Strathairn looking like a military dude, and a few quick shots of Olsen, Ken Watanabe and Juliet Binoche. You see Taylor-Johnson on a train that looks to be under attack from something. - There’s no real indication of what this movie is (if you walked in unaware, I mean) until the second half, which shows us a gigantic praying mantis-like monster destroying what looked like an elevated train and then an airport. Hard to describe this creature in detail since it’s all such a blur, but it definitely had an “huge insect’ vibe. It destroys a helicopter, which then crashes into a plane, causing a huge ball of fire. (Looked awesome). Then we see Godzilla’s foot enter the frame. We never get a good look at him, but it’s clear he’s about to square off with this other monster. And he is definitely bigger. - See more at:"


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