Thursday, July 4, 2013

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor Review

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor Review

Advertising is a big part of what drives our way of life. We are consumer culture and our nation in particular receives income from consumer items. We as a nation are hit with thousands and thousands of advertisements everyday. I am sure we break records every year. I am also sure it is an interesting story to talk about advertising and the birth of their agencies.

In "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor," the underrated Bruce Greenwood plays Adan Kundle. An advertising agency CEO who wakes up from a coma only speaking in ad slogans. He's picked up by Karen (Parker Posey) who either works at the agency or felt bad for him at the hospital or something. Karen takes Adan home and he begins touching people in Karen's life, particularly Karen's rebellious teenage daughter (Allie MacDonald) who is in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. While Adan recuperates, high-ranking officials at his agency are trying to steal the company from him.

With a guy speaking in ad slogans who is trying to stop people from overtaking his company, you would think this would be a great set up for a great comedy. However, "And Now A Word From Our Sponsor" is pretty standard movie, the very definition of light entertainment. Except that entertainment so light to the point of coming off lifeless. The plotpoints about Karen's daughter is pretty predictable from the film's opening. All the other plot points in this film are never really explored, and the film at the end feels like a big waste of time.

Its too bad because like I said, Bruce Greenwood is underrated. His character is very quirky, and he does really well with what he is given. But with a character and a film that go almost nowhere, it seems his talents were wasted. A character can only spit out so many catchy ad slogans until the it feels ridiculous. Parker Posey is also quite funny, but once again she's wasted. Everybody else plays such a non-character that it is hard for me to really judge their acting capabilities.

If you see this on Netflix or Redbox anytime soon, I'd highly advise to skip it.


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