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Weekly Top Ten- My Favorite Zombie Movies

Weekly Top Ten-#11

My Ten Favorite Zombie movies

In the wake of seeing "World War Z" last week, I thought I would sit down and share my ten favorite zombie movies. As I mentioned in that review, I love the world of zombies. I love them in every form of media, not just movies..but novels, games, television, all media. I think it's fun how new artists find ways to keep them interesting and unique. I want to celebrate them with a little list.

10. Planet Terror (2007)
Just look at the image above and try to convince me your not interested. "Grindhouse" was one of the most fun and unique film experiences I had in the last ten years, and the very first segment really set the stage of what we would experience. About a military gas that somehow gets leaked to the public, the zombies really aren't the coolest thing. When you've got crazy lesbian nurses, chicks with machine gun legs, and trucker who somehow knows a variety of fighting styles...there is so much to love about this crazy film!

9. Dawn of the Dead remake (2004)
I think I was as shocked as anybody by just how well this one worked. Sure, remakes are tough sells, but somehow Zack Snyder was able to make this remake matter. Featuring a great cast and some iconic zombie moments, the film captures a realistic look of how our world might look if something like this were to happen. And it does with savage mastery of its genre.

8. Evil Dead II (1987)
One of the biggest appeals to the zombie genre is just how much a filmmaker can do with it. Sometimes zombies are menacing and scary, and other times they make us all laugh. "Evil Dead II" and its entire series forms to the latter. There will be other movies on this list with a comedic approach, but there is no argument that this is one of the best examples.

7. Re-Animator (1985)
Like I mentioned above, zombies and comedy walk a very thin line. I believe "Re-animator" had some of the most classic comedic scenes involving zombies. These scenes are not just essential to the zombie genre, but also all of the 1980's. Nobody has tried to imitate images like these, which proves how special "Re-animator" really is. One crazy ride.

6. Zombieland (2009)
Jesse Eisenbery, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone shine in this awesome zombie flicks. Giving us survival rules, featuring a Bill Murray cameo, and plenty of laughs. This richly imagined zombie flick is a classic among the herd.

5. Zombie (1979)
Probably one of the craziest scenes in all of zombie movies is when a zombie goes underwater and gets into a fight with a shark. The zombie bites the shark, and then the shark goes undead and bites the shark...its one of the geekiest moments out there and that is just one of many scenes to enjoy from Zombie!

4. 28 Days Later (2003)
Another hyper-realistic take on the zombie genre. This is an incredibly intense, realistic looking movie. It feels like somebody had a camera available and shot this whole thing in real time. The movie is amazing with iconic scenes and startling horror.

3. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Director George A. Romero is the God of the zombie genre. His first film was not only a zombie movie but a piercing portrait of social commentary. Featured an African American lead actor, which was radical given the time period. This movie had a lot to say about our culture and society. It ranks this high for being relentless and also brainy.

2. Shaun of the Dead (2004)
A hilarious summation of the zombie genre as a whole, "Shaun" is also great because not only does it give us zombies, plenty of them. But we also have a great journey between the characters, and the movie never waivers from their adventure. This movie has a lot of heart and soul, which is something I would not say about a number of zombie movies, that is why it is so high.

1. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
When I think of zombie movies, this version of "Dawn of the Dead" is the movie that always comes to mind. Once again, George A. Romero creates a horror classic with something to say. About our consumer culture and it displaces a haunting shadow on our society. It's great stuff, hefty for a horror film. But I love every minute of it every time I watch it.

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