Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vin Diesel had a meeting today...

Marvel Studios requested a meeting with Vin Diesel

Well this is pretty exciting.

Vin Diesel is an actor I have always enjoyed onscreen. However, I feel like aside from a couple franchises he's linked to, he doesn't work. So because I am a Diesel fan, as well as a Marvel superfan, I was pleased to read an article today from our friends at

According to Vin Diesel's Facebook, the actor mentioned that Marvel Studios "requested a meeting" with him. "Not sure what for...haha you probably know better than me" the actor finished. I am really excited and I hope he can reach an agreement with the studio.

Now who on Earth is he potentially playing? Somebody in MCU Phase Three perhaps? Diesel looks like Luke Cage, could that hero be a possibility? Will he even be a hero, maybe a villain?

Maybe he isn't being attached to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps one of the Amazing Spiderman sequels? Or the Fantastic Four reboot? Or an X-Men movie? Or something completely unrelated to any of those franchises. This whole thing is pretty much up in the air right now, and that's pretty cool.

I'll be keeping up as this story as continues to materialize.


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