Saturday, June 22, 2013

Straight A's Review

Straight A's Review

Sometimes, I just don't expect a movie to mysteriously appear and poop right on my face. This is an event which does not occur often. I usually have a pretty good idea of what I am getting into as I sit down to watch a new film. I do not always go into the theater cold turkey. I that can be a fun experiment which I like to partake in every once in awhile, but not all the time. I came across "Straight A's" on Netflix, and got curious. And you know what they say? Curiosity killed the cat.

First of all the story is very bizarre. Scott (Ryan Phillippe) is out of rehab and being stalked by the ghost of his dead mother. His mother's ghost wants him to go back to his hometown and make amends with his estranged brother (Luke Wilson) who happens to be married to Katherine (Anna Paquin) who was Scott's old sweetheart. He comes back to his hometown on a horse ("I got my car taken away" he says). Scott spends a lot of time smoking weed, flirting with Katherine and having his strange visions, all while his brother is away on a business trip.

Predictably, there is also a subplot about Scott getting close to Katherine's kids. At first, as to be expected, they are repulsed by him. Then as time goes on, as to be expected, they start to see him as a father figure. All of this, as to be expected, is happening under Katherine's disaproval. Until Katherine and Scott begin to get close once again. And of course, Luke's character is off doing something he should not be doing as a married man.

I have never been a particular fan of Ryan Phillippe, if you are also not a Phillippe fan either, this film won't turn you over. Its just a null and void performance. Paquin and Wilson do fine, its hard to tell with such a lifeless, weird script that "Straight A's" features. This is just altogether a strange movie that is so boring that it barely feels like a movie at all. It only feels like someone found a camera of strange happenings and called it a movie.

The odd character choices, dull acting and sloppy story all make "Straight A's" a film to progressively avoid. I don't know what writer/director James Cox was thinking. All I know is the next time I see his name attached to something, I will avoid it like the plague.


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  1. I think it was a great movie. My grade for it is a A+. First of all, Did u even know James Cox did this movie because there is more to life than straight a's? Everyone has their own dark horse. the character Scott has his dark horse. Second of all, James Cox's father passed away. He did this project in memory of him. Think twice before giving it an F. Shame on you.