Thursday, June 13, 2013

Overlooked Film of the Week- "Sound of Noise" (2010)

Overlooked Film of the Week- #9

Sound of Noise

There are some movies that exist which are plain weird. If you read their synopsis' on a webpage, they sound distasteful and silly. You read a scene-for-scene paragraph of an entire motion picture and you can't imagine something like it working on film. Then you get curious and pop in the movie, and it blows your mind in ways you can't describe. That was my experience with "Sound of Noise."

"Sound of Noise" is a movie that is completely in love with itself. You can tell by watching it that the cast and crew loved this material. When an artist loves what they create, it shows and the audience ends up loving the art in return. "Sound of Noise" is a Swedish-French movie about a gang of criminals...who make music out of anything they can find, from medical equipment to construction equipment. They don't break any big laws, but they are technically disturbing the peace and they are using the city as their symphony stage. The only man who can stop them is a tone-deaf detective, who is trying to remain one step ahead of them. 

Again, it all sounds very silly. And throughout a lot of its run-time, the movie is very silly. But it is a fun type of silly that is contagious. As the gang makes music with whatever they can find, I was surprised to see that I was tapping my foot and bobbing my head. The musical numbers in this movie are great and just half the fun that "Sound of Noise" unleashes.

The cast is full of Swedish actors that you've never heard of, but somehow, that is part of the films power. A movie doesn't need to full of A-listers and recognizable faces, just simply good actors. Actors that believe in their material, and you can see that it is true with the cast of "Sound of Noise." I may have never heard of one actor in this movie, nor do I know what their careers where like prior to this movie. All I know is that they told me a story and I found it entertaining. That is the most important thing to me.

Another great thing about "Sound of Noise" is that it is a very human story. The gang that is making music is full of misfits who were told they didn't belong in the musical world. So they sort of rebel, in a way, to prove they DO belong in it. The deaf detective belongs to a family that he has always resented, it is a family full of musicians and they come down hard on our detective. Simply, because he never followed in the footsteps of his family. I mean how could he? He is tone-deaf, when we see him at family events its quite awkward. We as the audience, feel for our hero right away. As the detective learns more about the gang, he relates to them in a strange way. "Sound of Noise" isn't a simple cat-and-mouse game, and that is a great thing in my mind.

If you're looking for a good time, one more unusual than most, then I'd highly recommend checking this out. You definitely won't regret it.

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