Monday, June 10, 2013

Is "The Amazing Spiderman 2" leading to The Sinister Six?

Is "The Amazing Spiderman 2" leading to The Sinister Six?

Ever since my blog began, I have been talking about "The Amazing Spiderman 2," even though I didn't like the first film as much as the first two Raimi films, I think there was a lot of potential when the sequel rolled around. That roll is getting closer to reality, and we already know that Jaime Foxx will play Electro, and that Paul Giamatti will play The Rhino. Both Electro and The Rhino are both legendary villains in the Spiderman mythology, and with those two characters who have plenty of room to make a great movie. Picturing Giamatti playing The Rhino still seems unbelievable, but Giamatti puts his whole heart in his performances so maybe it will turn out okay.

Months after, we learned that actor Dane DeHaan was cast as Harry Osborn. If you remember the original Spiderman trilogy, you know what could potentially come of that character. And DeHaan has even teased in interviews where the character will go in the proposed trilogy. Could DeHaan suit up as the Green Goblin? Or another supervillain?

Its definitely possible, because also a few months ago, we learned Chris Cooper was cast as Norman Osborn. Its safe to say that if anybody jumps on a glider in this trilogy, it'll be Cooper before anybody else. But we don't know if anybody in the Osborn family will become the Goblin, it's all speculation right now.

For the longest time, actor Colm Feore has been attached to the sequel, but in an unspecified role. It came to fruition today that Colm Feore will play The Vulture. Feore is a great character actor who recently played the leader of the Frost Giants in "Thor." We also know that Hungarian actor Marton Csokas (Celeborn from Lord of the Rings) will be the head of Ravencroft, an institute for the criminally insane.

All of this evidence is begging one question...will the sinister six appear in this trilogy?

In the comics, the Sinister Six was formulated by Doctor Octopus, who thought he could defeat Spiderman if he got help from his other enemies. Doctor Octopus got five other enemies of Spiderman together, and the supervillain group has been apart of Spiderman's mythology ever since. The group became one of the biggest threats Spiderman ever faced. Many of Spiderman's enemies have been apart of the Sinister Six at some point. Just like with superhero groups, villains came and went and the roster has changed a lot over the years. If the sequel chooses to include the evil group, they could almost pick any 6 villains from Spiderman's rogues gallery and they'd have people who were members of the Sinister Six at one point. 

But do we as an audience really want a Sinister Six movie? Fans seem to shiver every time a movie tries to juggle too many villains. Although there have been promising examples in the past. "The Avengers" juggled its heroes with ease. Christopher Nolan's first two Batman movies both juggled many villains and personalities, and he ended making an excellent trilogy. But will all of these villains only make fans of the web-slinging superhero think of "Spiderman 3?"

Also, if we look at pictures of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in many set photos for "The Amazing Spiderman 2," there maybe clues that the film could feature a major plot point from the comics, I won't reveal what that point is because it could be huge. We also know that Mary Jane Watson will be in the sequel...all of this could sound like an overstuffed disaster. 

But who knows, we could be in for an amazing (no pun intended) sequel next year. As we always do, we shall wait and see. But I do beg the question. Do you want a Sinister Six movie?


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