Thursday, May 23, 2013

Early Reviews of World War Z


I am not sure how many of you are aware of this but World War Z went through to hell and back to get made. It was over-budget, a director had to come in to finish the movie. Original director Marc Forster and Producer and star Brad Pitt got so steamed with each other that they refused to keep working together on set. This led to the two men passing notes to one another when they had ideas, questions and concerns, just like in high school. It took several years for this film to get on its feet, and fans of the book were getting wary that this would be a good movie at all.

Today, reported on early reactions to the film and verdict is...

"Just saw World War Z. So much better than World War A-Y"
- Jimmy Fallon

"World War Z: a big, solid zombie movie. Makes up for in scope what it lacks in blood"
-Scott Collura,

"So after all the fuss, "World War Z" turned out to be a surprisingly effective zombie thriller."
-Mike Sampson,

"World War Z is so cool. I love zombies!"
-Kevin Bacon

These reactions and many more can be found  If you follow this link here.

So I am both relieved and proud to find out that World War Z is good. I am big fan of the zombie movie and I am pleased to find out that we have another winner on our hands this summer! 

World War Z will be released on June 21st 2013.



  2. Well it is hard to say it's good because a video game website, one out of work actor, and a talk show host liked it. There is a reason actors don't review movies. Pretty much every crap movie has a good review on the DVD case from "FOX-TV", doesn't mean I'd trust it. But then again everybody likes something different. Really the only way to see if it is good is to see it for yourself. Also getting reviews from REAL sources and from the public opinion. That all being said, I hope it turns out to be good because I love zombie movies!

  3. I know what your saying. This is just the first word, taking it for what it is was my goal. I know that a lot of people invited to this first screening aren't what one would call a accurate source, but it will be interesting to see what the more critical, reliable sources have to say. Although, I would consider everyone working under to be credible sources. I too am hoping for the best.