Monday, April 15, 2013

What to Expect from this blog
Hello everyone, so what I have compiled tonight is a list of ongoing columns you can expect from my blog. Any and all comments, questions and suggestions are more than welcome. Don’t hesitate to talk to me about it.
1.      Film Reviews- Of all new material coming out in theaters or new on video will get a full length review from me. Discussing what I liked, didn’t like, performances, story, character, the whole bit. Also be sure to look for my “Year in Movies” articles which I will publish at the start of each New Year. Those articles will highlight the good and perhaps sometimes bad of each year. (Note: If you are at all interested in any past lists, be sure to find me on Facebook and read my notes.)
2.      Film News- Any buzz or rumors floating around on upcoming films, actors, directors, producers, etc will get discussed. It is always fun to come up with theories and hype around with upcoming projects and ideas. If you are looking for gossip on actors personal lives or which actor is divorcing who this week, then I would strongly suggest you subscribe to E! Magazine, don’t expect any of that kind of talk here. This is a blog dedicated to the past, present and future of film, nothing more.
3.      Weekly Top Ten- The Weekly Top Ten will be a top ten list of something pertaining to film. Whether it be actors, movies, scenes, characters, what have you. There will be fun theme to each list and it will be something different every week. If you like this column I will always be taking suggestions, so just email me or contact me in some other form of communication.
4.      The Essentials- Based on Roger Ebert’s very own “Great Movies” column, “The Essentials” will be a weekly review column featuring a film in which I think is very valuable to the world of film. I am strictly limiting this column to older titles, movies dating from the 90’s to as old as the early 1900’s. Many of you may snicker from that idea, but a lot of how our film world works today is heavily influenced by the old. There are movies that have come out that have changed my life for the better, and those aren’t necessarily films that have come out recently. I personally feel there should be greater appreciation for the old. And I plan to spearhead that appreciation with this column.
5.      Overlooked Movie of the Week- Every single year there are movies that come out every year which don’t get the hype that most Oscar noms and Summer Blockbusters get. They have a small run at a film festival or get a limited release then vanish without a trace. Ironically enough, those titles are usually some of the best films of those years. With all that said, “The Overlooked Movie of the Week” will be a weekly column of movies that have come out from year 2000 to the present, highlighting the films that nobody hears about. Hoping to bring greater attention to those movies.
6.      Dinner and a Movie- This fun column was the brainchild of my wonderful girlfriend Kelly. Essentially, it will be a review of any movie of any genre, type or time period, followed by a recipe which represents that movie in some way. My girlfriend could be a guest columnist on occasion, something I am very excited about. Which leads to…
7.      Guest Reviews/Columns- Did you beat me to the punch on a film review? Got something about film you truly need to say? Let me know, I would love to have a blog which features many different opinions and ideas. If you got something you’d like me post, always shoot me an email and we can talk about it. I’d love to have as many people have their voices heard as possible.
8.      Suggestions Are Always welcome- One thing I fully expect in the world of the web is expect suggestions, anything that you can think of to make the blog better, let me know.

So there you have it, this is a rough outline of what to expect from the blog. The blog will not be limited to the list above, but that gives you an idea of everything I plan to cover as the weeks wear on. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. Please be sure to let all family and friends know about the blog, as well as any movie lovers you may know in the world around you. My door and ears are always open to any questions, comments or suggestions so don’t be afraid to drop a line. 

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