Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome To You, Me, and Movies

Hello, I would like to formally welcome you to "You, Me, and Movies. This is a blog dedicated to the world of film. Whether it is new or old, foreign or domestic, all will get talked about and receive full closure here.

My name is Shawn Hoelscher, I have lived in the Mid-West all of my life and have been a movie lover just as long. For the longest time I wanted to do something, anything with movies. No matter how small the impact would be, I wanted to  affect the world of film somehow. I have always been inspired by other websites to write about the world of film, and decided to start a blog. More so than ever before I felt this is the best time to do it, you can always talk about doing something, but sometimes you need an extra push.

That extra push for me was the death of Roger Ebert.

If you look at this blog, I wrote a tribute to Mr. Ebert, he inspired me my whole to talk about film, and after his passing I felt the time was right to get this thing started.

I have a ton of ideas on how to make this blog unique, and make it something fun and different compared to other film websites. Those ideas I will post in just a bit, I just wanted this to be my first formal welcome. I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer here.

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