Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've got a mixed bag of film news that you all might find interesting today, check out the following stories

300 Prequel Poster
That's right a prequel to 2007's "300" is coming out later this year, and we have our first look at the new poster below:

The title is 300: Rise of the Empire and the story will detail the various battles which led Xerxes to become the ruler of the Persian Empire. Rodrigo Santoro, the Brazilian actor who portrayed Xerxes in the original "300" film will reprise his role this time, the cast also includes Eva Green (Vesper Lynn from "Casino Royale) and Lena Headley, who was the Spartan Queen from the first film. Honestly, I am not too enthused about the project and haven't been since production began. First of all, Frank Miller never wrote a prequel, so why even bother? Second of all, Zack Snyder, the original director isn't in the director's chair this time around. Third of all, who cares how Xerxes came to power? This looks to be another example of a quick cash grab for Hollywood. We'll see if I am wrong.

Slyvester Stallone tweeted the other day that old action icon Wesley Snipes is set to go for Expendables 3, a film which also confirmed Jackie Chan's involvement a few months prior. Wesley Snipes brought the "Blade" trilogy to life with the title character, and he portrayed a villain in a number of Stallone's older films, however Snipes has been in prison the last few years for tax evasion. This would be a big way to get back into the business after paying his debt to society. Stallone is also talking to Mel Gibson about the movie...only for the director's chair?

That's right, it is not officially confirmed yet, but Mel Gibson may direct the third sequel to the action franchise. More updates as the story progresses.

It's second nature now that when a Marvel movie is released these days, chances are you will want to stay after the credits for post-credit scenes. And this May, the situation will not be any different. However, it will have a bit of twist.

If you remember when the first Iron Man film came out in 2008, the after-credit scene hinted at the formation of the Avengers, sadly something of that scale will NOT be happening this summer. Sorry folks, no Guardians of the Galaxy, no Infinite Gauntlet, no more development on Thanos' whereabouts. But don't fret folks, we are in for a treat.

I wont be giving the scene away because why would I do something like that? All I will say is the following:

The after-credit scene is comedic
And it involves one of The Avengers.

I'll let your mind sizzle on that for a bit.

A new Star Wars movie every summer starting in 2015?
That seems to be the goal for Walt Disney Pictures, the idea was confirmed by Alan Horn who is the chairman for Walt Disney Pictures at a film event in Las Vegas today. Apparently JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode VII will kick off the rotation in 2015 and then for every summer of every year afterward, we will get a new Star Wars film.

The plan is to rotate between the stand-alone character films which were mentioned a few months back as well as episode stories which will continue the franchise. If Walt Disney pulls it off, we will be having light-saber flashing good times for many summers to come, and I am very curious to see what the studio has in store for us.

One thing is for sure now, with Star Wars 7, Avengers 2 and Avatar 2 all planned for 2015, that will be a year to look forward too. More updates on the Star Wars time table as it progresses.


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