Monday, April 22, 2013

Compelling New "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer heightens interest...

At the beginning of the year, there weren't too many movies I was anticipating more than "Star Trek Into Darkness." I felt the 2009 reboot was a huge surprise! I loved "Star Trek" quite a bit and this sequel looks grittier, more intense, and more compelling compared to the first. I am A-okay with that.

Back in December I graduated from college.  My Mom, Dad, and older Brother were all in town to celebrate. After much feasting and celebrating, my brother and I caught "The Hobbit" in 3D. Now, I usually don't like 3D, but I HAD to check out the 9-minute preview for Star Trek 2...and it was worth it!

I think this new trailer confirms that we are in for one hell of a summer this year, and I cannot wait to check this out.

Chills...HUGE chills.

This film is marked as something I CANNOT wait for. I hope you have enjoyed this as it has developed as much as I have.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will hit theaters on May 17th 2013
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